Policy Levers for a Low-Carbon Circular Economy

with the support of Sitra, Material Economics, European Climate Foundation, and i24C, and using a legal policy-mapping exercise by Allen & Overy

An exploration of policy levers needed to accelerate the transition to a circular economy and policy recommendations to create a tipping point where a transition to a low-carbon circular economy becomes inevitable.

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The context

Climate change mitigation and circular economy policies are attracting significant attention from European and national policymakers. 2015 saw two milestone accomplishments with the Paris Agreement and Circular Economy Package.

These two policy fields are complementary and, together, they could deliver on the transformational change that is needed to decarbonise our economies. Yet, their integration is far from complete, with climate change policies largely overlooking the mitigation potential of circular economy strategies.

The need for systems change will come sooner than we think.

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Using a legal policy-mapping exercise by

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