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Unlock Post-consumer

Less than 1% of all used textiles are made into new ones, and that figure has not changed since it was released in 2017. This is due to cost, available technology, limited industry knowledge and a lack of consumer demand. It is time for these barriers to come down. 

Consumers want lower impact products, and existing technology can produce quality yarns with post-consumer inputs. 

This pilot will use commercially viable recycling processes to produce market-ready products, address cost issues, and increase industry knowledge to unlock the next level of circular textiles.

"We are defining the current state of raw materials, performance, cost and chemistry for post-consumer textile recycling. This missing piece will benefit all circular textiles."

Commercial Solutions

Participants will discuss and select product categories best suited for post-consumer inputs, define performance expectations, and work directly with Recover and supply chain partners to develop post-consumer recycled products that meet their needs. If the products are successful in the market, they can be produced again right away.

Tackling Cost

The existing post-consumer textile collection and sorting system is not designed to create recycling inputs, which makes post-consumer cotton more expensive than virgin.

This pilot will identify the cost drivers for recycling by working directly with experienced post-consumer textile collectors and sorters and feedstock converters to identify the availability, costs and lead times for input materials that meet the required spec. We will then make data-driven recommendations to reduce costs for production at scale with any textile recycling technology and share them broadly.

Achieve 2020 Commitments

This pilot is specifically designed to get quality post-consumer recycled products into the market next year. 

Participants will gain a better understanding of how to incorporate recycled textiles into their collections, as well as having the ability to release products with post-consumer recycled content in 2020. 

Products will also be tested for chemical safety under the REACH 2020 guidelines.

Raise the Bar

The project team includes leading post-consumer textile recycling experts. It is enabled by a best-in-class recycling company and led by an organisation with deep roots in circular textiles. 

We are partnering with other projects and organizations to ensure we learn from each other and can share our results broadly. This will ensure the industry moves forward quickly, together.

Useful and Tangible Results

The first project report will landscape post-consumer cotton recycling today, which is our starting point. The second will share the results of the project. We will also create industry reference sheets so anyone can quickly access critical details on demand.


Brand and retailer participants will be able to create real products in 2020. Each will receive a small first batch of yarn and will have the option to place a larger order. Help with supply chain integration is included in larger orders.

Learn how we’re tackling the barriers to circular textiles by recycling post-consumer cotton!

Project roles and fees


Define a product category and performance requirements, receive an exclusive first batch of yarn and have the option to buy more. 2 positions are available.

Core brands and retailers

Claim a seat at the table to define a product category and performance requirements, receive a share of the first batch of yarn and have the option to buy more. Positions are available for SMEs, large companies, and MNCs.

Supporting brands and retailers

Textile manufacturers and vertically integrated suppliers gain exposure through group participation, experience with recycled yarns and recognition for leading circularity within the supply chain. 5 positions are available.

Supply chain partners


Contribute to the discussions and have the option to buy yarns. Available only for MNC's.

Associate brands and retailers



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